Say hello to Cryptorize; a digital cryptocurrency platform that gives you full control over your cryptocurrency portfolio. We simplify your everyday #crypto transactions in one app.

Manage your crypto securely and conveniently. Be your own wallet!

What is Cryptorize?

We are big on the original ideology behind cryptocurrency; that is; a de-centralized, anonymous and transparent global digital currency. …

Deposit 2.0 and Cashout Feature

Cashout: Late March 2021, we launched Cashout; our super-fast withdrawal feature which is powered by our CashAgent Network. Cashout guarantees a maximum of 15 minutes withdrawal from any wallet or exchange. To see it in action, visit

Deposit 2.0: We’ve just launched our new deposit method which is also…

Buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is not that complicated as it may seem.

There are numerous wallet services and exchanges available that let users trade cryptocurrencies in an easy to use manner.

In recent times, most governments around the world have frowned on cryptocurrency transactions and have put…

Buy and Hold

Buying and holding crypto currencies is one of the simplest and hassle free strategies for newbies and experienced owners.

Holding strategy simply involves buying crypto and hoping that the price goes up in the future regardless of how long it may take.

This strategy is called HODLING. The word HODL…

If you are reading this, you are most likely aware of the need to start a savings plan whether small or extensive.

As the Naira weakens against hard-currencies, the pressure to hedge your little earnings somewhere it wouldn’t lose its value becomes more apparent.

With Stash, you simply convert your…


Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. Be your own wallet.

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